“The only source of knowledge is experience.” ― Albert Einstein ―

Data Science

In the summer of 2018 I worked under Dr. Gourab Ghoshal at the University of Rochester. I picked up the UNIX shell, PostgreSQL, and pandas. I wrote a python package to create driving routes between urban amenities. It fetched information from an OpenStreetMap database configured with the PostGIS and pgRouting extensions. We analyzed possible relationships between amenity distances and income data in various urban areas.


Austin College received a NOYCE grant from the NSF in order to send students out as tutors for local schools in STEM subjects. I worked as a math tutor at my local middle school in the fall of 2017, primarily working with 7th graders. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to say the least.

Materials Science

My materials science research involved nanoscale gold thin films. I used a cryogenic freezer to cool samples to frigid temperatures, where I could collect resistivity measurements. Data collection was done with LabView. Thanks to Dr. Manuel Quevedo-Lopez at the University of Texas at Dallas for allowing us to utilize UTD’s lab equipment.