Are you bored in quarantine? I’m not. There’s plenty to do! I purchased the Guillow’s kit model 301LC, a laser-cut kit of an Aeronca Champion 85. It even flew better than my previous rubber band powered models in the past.

It was super easy to build! When I built Guillow’s kits years ago, the die-cut parts were largely inconsistent. The laser-cut pieces were cut out very quickly, and each one was perfect. This was so much more fun than in the past because there was so much less stress.

Tail Surfaces

I find that the best glue for these models is a white glue with wood glue when necessary.

Wing and Bulkheads

I covered it with the included tissue paper. I chose not to paint it because I had no model paint on hand, and craft stores are closed due to COVID. All tissue is sealed with a single layer of spray-can butyrate dope. I can no longer find it anywhere, which is a shame. It was always my go to.

Completed Champ